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Montana Ranch Wives



Hello everyone name is Kayleen Schultz.

First things first, I was born in Billings, MT where I grew up on my Grandpa Pat’s ranch. I have lived here my whole life, minus the four years I was playing college basketball at Montana State University of Billings. 

The year 2014 will always be one of my favorites. That summer my family took a vacation to the World Livestock Auctioneer Contest in Des Moines, Iowa. He was the first man I saw at the hotel upon arrival, and later found out he had eyes on me that first day too! Love at fist sight? Yes you could say so – I haven’t quit smiling since the day I met him! You know it’s love when I scrub cow sh** off his jeans weekly! I never thought I would find someone who loved agriculture, sports, and faith in God as much as I did. I guess you could say it was meant to be!!

Corey and I got hitched in 2015 and now reside on the Vermilion Ranch in Billings, MT in the same farmhouse I grew up in. It’s very dejavu for me and as the days go on I feel more and more like my own mother. I am most proud of becoming a mom. Lucky for me I get to stay at home and raise my sweets, Daisy Babe (3) and Della Sue (1)! 

My husband is originally from Eastern Kansas where he grew up on a farm and ranch. Since moving to Montana, he has worked full time for my family where we own and operate three Livestock Auctions, Northern Livestock Video Auction, breed/feed/run registered and commercial Black Angus Cattle on various ranches.

Fun Fact- My love for photography started when I was taking ranch photos for my Dad and furthered blossomed after Daisy was born. It didn’t take long for me to realize I wanted to share my passion with others. In 2017 I launched Kayleen Schultz Photography where I do everything from families, newborns, seniors, and weddings. 


If you made it this far hopefully that helped give a little insight to who I am a little bit of my history! 

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