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An Open Letter to the Cows

Dear Cows,

As we go into the calving season you should feel so lucky. You are our husbands number one priority and they love you so much. Maybe even more than they love us. Just kidding! Maybe…

You see the thing is, they love you so much that we don’t get to leave our farms/ranches for months at a time so that we can see your babies be born and take care of them. Our husbands will see your babies more than he will see his own babies for the next couple of months. Don’t you feel special? You even get to sleep next to our husbands, while we are inside of our cozy heated homes and they are out in the frozen tundra with you. Trying to keep you comfortable and warm.

Take care of our husbands out there this calving season. Us wives will be up all night waiting for them to come in for a break. Making sure that we call to check on them not more than a second after the time they told us they would been in (and aren’t yet). We will see them in a few months.

P.S. Yes us wives and kids do help out and (secretly) love you too, especially those little baby calves.

In all seriousness, I don’t understand why some people think farmers are mean to their cows. By the picture I painted above, you can definitely see that they are the royalty here. What a wonderful picture to paint and example for our human babies. Seeing their dads caring for their animals.


The Rancher’s Wives


Last calving season, 2020.

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