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Anxious Mess

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

“My anxiety doesn’t come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.”  ~Hugh Prather~

Uneasiness, apprehension, restlessness, suffering, uncertainty, stress, all of these words can equate to one thing: Anxiety. 2020 has been a year of twists and turns and ups and downs. Some days I feel like we are in a mental version of the Hunger Games and only a few of the strong ones will survive.  

The failing economy, the COVID pandemic, the political hurricane, add this on top of so many friends and loved ones suffering from illness, depression, and significant changes and losses. I cannot imagine that any one of you haven’t felt overwhelmed or anxious during this time. I’m so saddened that having anxiety or even {gasp} depression is such a taboo subject that so many people are afraid or embarrassed to talked about.  

I feel like anxiety is a normal feeling for me, we live in a very {amazing} and yet uncertain lifestyle. Being in an agricultural family, raising 8 busy kids and trying to keep a happy healthy marriage is so much work, add on top of that the worlds problems and you’ve got a lot of stress! Yet I like everyone to think I have it all together, why do we have to try so hard to hide our struggles from each other? Why do we suffer in silence?

I feel like even as adults our lives are competitions. It shouldn’t matter how successful we are, or how popular or athletic our kids are, or what vehicles we drive or where we go on vacations. What  should really matter is how we can support and love one another. Lend a listening ear, make a meal, send a text or call to just check on someone or invite someone anywhere {sometimes just getting invited is the best feeling in the world!}

Bottom line is this, we are all struggling, some with similar struggles and others not so similar; always be kind in your words and your actions because you never know what another person is struggling with!

My message box is always open if you need an ear to listen, never feel alone!


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