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Branding with the Next Generation

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Branding for us usually involves several days and all hands-on deck. Once calving starts to wind down and the grass is coming, the kids know that branding days are upon us. The excitement is growing, but one last thing before we can start, the dread of fixing fence. The spring flooding added some extra spots to repair and we decided to put in a ½ mile of new fence as well.

Some of our branding crew 2020!

As I said in my bio, this is a year of firsts. Joe and I hardly stepped foot in the coral for sorting this year. Our great crew, consisting of our kiddos and our niece Lindsay Peterson, took over the sorting. They did and amazing job, I call it a success when no one got hurt, the job got done and they had some fun too. With so many willing hands, everyone had a job, that had its own value, to make the day a success. Looking at this picture really says it all about why I love what I do.


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