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Cattle Picturing, Catalog, Bull Sale Prep, Calving, School, and the List Goes on

Well life has been a mix of whirlwind/blur at the Senn Red Angus household as of late.

  • Catalog just wrapped up and mailed out

  • Bull Sale just 2 weeks away

  • Calving has begun

  • Kids routines

  • School

  • Feeding

  • And the list goes on

As I sit down to write this I just walked in from a 10pm night check. Yep right in the middle of this arctic weather we are ramping up calving with temps plummeting below zero. The AI heifers and a super exciting group of embryo calves are hitting the ground right now.

With lack of sleep from helping Jerry keep watch over the calving cows 24/7 and how much I enjoy sharing things through images anyways, I decided to seize this opportunity to do a photo blog post.

I hope you all enjoy this glimpse into our life as of late.


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