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Daddy's Little Helper

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As our two year old gets older, she is more able and willing to join Garrett outside for daily chores/tasks. Not only is it awesome for her to learn and become more comfortable with the outside surroundings, it gives her and daddy some one on one time as well as gives me some one on one time with our youngest, Lena.

It has been becoming increasingly colder here. We are all having to put on a few more layers and bundle up. Mila isn’t keen on wearing jeans until she actually gets them on. She’s more of a leggings/shorts type of gal. So you can imagine the fight that ensues each morning as we get her bundled up to go outside with daddy HA.

Mila is funny. She’s fearless with some things and not so much with others. When she does bunk reads/health checks with dad she’s pretty independent and shouts at the cows to “move cows”. She has tremendous sass to her, yet also has so much sweetness to her. We love watching her mind work.

I am so thankful Mila (and Lena) get to grow up here and learn the value of hard work and begin helping at a young age. I did not have this opportunity growing up in the city and I am glad they will be able to grow up with lots of animals and nature.


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