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Dating a Cowboy

In the spirit of the season of LOVE with Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, I am sharing my journey with dating a cowboy. I didn’t set out to fall in love with this certain cowboy, but his scruffy charm, weathered hands & outdoorsy romanticism stole my heart almost immediately. We are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary this year and that can only mean 1 thing…that I’ve mastered “dating a cowboy.”

Stepping away from the ranch, chores, cows, horses, dogs, hunting & kids for a date can be challenging, sometimes down right impossible. So, we have learned to be creative with our time and not too choosy on the activity. We continue to remind each other that we are ALONE & TOGETHER! Ranch dates are based solely on the weather and what chores are to be done that day. We don’t get off the farm too much, so our dates will most often take place right in our back yard. Our farm dates typically have a purpose - fix a broken wire, repair a tank, or set up an electric fencer. If we head to the big city, it is most likely to deliver a bull, haul cattle to the sale barn, or haul equipment for repair.

My first reality check of dating a cowboy goes back to our first Valentine’s Day together as a married couple. We had plans to head into town for a nice romantic supper. Plans changed that morning when the weather man forecasted a blizzard warning for our area. The cows were still out to pasture, grazing corn stalks and the bred heifers were about to calve. Our supper date was soon replaced with hectic feeding & protective bedding. I was a little upset, but decided to ride along in the buddy seat of that old tractor - at least I could provide some good conversation, needed distraction, and maybe provide a complimentary open gate. My cowboy knew the mood was tense. He loaded the bales and started processing them out and all of the sudden he says “Voila”. I’m puzzled & wondering why he needed praise for his job well done, but I look out the window and to my surprise, he had laid the hay down in the shape of a heart. Now, I realized very quickly that my cowboy just killed 2 birds with 1 stone. His cows were fed and would survive the storm and his new bride was reminded of his love for her.

Women have fell in love with cowboys for centuries and I know my ranch love story probably repeats itself time and time again. My heart is with the cowboys who first won my heart - my Grandpa & my Dad. They showed me the importance of family, unconditional love, and how to treat a woman.


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