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When your livelihood is in agriculture (especially livestock) we all know how difficult it is to “get off the place.” In our house usually we only get to go places out of necessity and very rarely is it ever the whole family. In our house we use the moto “divide and conquer” and teamwork makes the dream work quite frequently. Our second daughter, Emma, had the honor of not only placing first in our state FCCLA conference, but also placed in the top three at the national level! (We find out tonight if it’s first, second or third!). With a weeks notice Emma and I made a fast track plan to fly to Nashville with 3 classmates and 3 fellow parents to enjoy the national conference.

This all sounds fabulous and exciting right? Well, not exactly…. When you are in the middle of haying, chopping and AI’ing cattle and also have seven other kids who all have crazy busy schedules it takes a lot of work to make things work out. It also brings a lot of anxiety. Leaving my safe place in the hills of Orient, SD was extremely stressful, making plans for my husband and our oldest to take care of everything and making sure everything and everyone is taken care of was a lot for this mama’s heart.

After a conversation last night with my husband, I realize why our family works so well. When we need to we all step up, everyone has been well behaved, Micah is a miniature version of her mom and won’t go to bed until the laundry is done and the house is clean, even though she was up at 5:30 getting cattle work started before the heat. As for me and Emma, we are enjoying Nashville but are definitely anxious to get back to the Orient hills and our crazy crew!


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