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Gender Reveal!

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

This past week we took our maternity photos with the talented VanessaLeigh Photography. She is an Aberdeen based photographer who focuses on natural light and lifestyle photography. Before becoming a photographer, she was actually an ob/gyn nurse! It was fun to have our daughter, Mila, who will be two in September there with us!

With our daughter, we waited until her birth to find out if we were having a boy or girl. The suspense throughout the pregnancy wasn’t as bad as one might think. It was actually quite fun, and made the moment she arrived that much more exciting. Of course, those around me had their opinions -and insights- on what we would be having before her arrival. During the pregnancy, people mostly guessed we were having a girl based on the way I was carrying, and a few other “tell tale signs”. I guess they were right!

Breaking down some of the infamous wives tales…

1. Carrying high? If yes, it’s a girl.

Last Pregnancy: high

Current Pregnancy: low

Prediction: Boy

2. Acne or skin blemishes? Girls steal your beauty!

Last Pregnancy: no

Current Pregnancy: no

Prediction: Boy

3. Body temperature. Are you feeling cold and icy? It’s a boy!

Last Pregnancy: cold

Current Pregnancy: both, but more so hot

Prediction: Girl

4. Baby’s heart rate. Slower heart rates (140bpm and below) means a boy. Faster heart rates (140bpm and higher) means a girl. *range appointment to appointment

Last Pregnancy: always above 150 or 155

Current Pregnancy: 140 range each time

Prediction: Boy

5. Cravings. Sweet cravings means it’s a girl. Salty and sour cravings means it’s a boy.

Last Pregnancy: sweet

Current Pregnancy: everything (LOL)

Prediction: ?

6. If the mother's age and year baby was conceived in are even, it’s a girl. If odd, it’s a boy. If one is even and one is odd, it’s a boy.

Last Pregnancy: 26, 2017

Current Pregnancy: 28, 2019

Prediction: Boy

7. Morning sickness. If yes, it’s a girl.

Last Pregnancy: yes, pretty badly

Current Pregnancy: yes, not as bad though

Prediction: Girl

8. Husband sympathy weight. If your husband has put on weight with you, it’s a girl.

Last Pregnancy: no, he actually lost weight (what a deal HA)

Current Pregnancy: stayed about the same

Prediction: Boy

9. Swollen legs or ankles? If yes, it’s a boy.

Last Pregnancy: no

Current Pregnancy: no

Prediction: Girl

10. Clumsiness. If yes, it’s a boy.

Last Pregnancy: not really

Current Pregnancy: yes

Prediction: Boy

11. Crazy pregnancy dreams. If so, the gender is the opposite of what you dreamt you are having. *I have also heard this to be the opposite- you are having the gender you have the dream about

Last Pregnancy: dreamt about having a girl

Current Pregnancy: haven’t had a gender dream

Prediction: ?

12. Headaches? If so, it’s a boy.

Last Pregnancy: not really

Current Pregnancy: yes every once in a while

Prediction: Boy

13. Mood. If you are happy and mellow, it’s a boy. Moody, it’s a girl.

Last Pregnancy: moody

Current Pregnancy: moody

(I am surprised my husband wants to keep having more LOL)

Prediction: Girl

TOTAL: Girl = 4 | Boy = 7

Based on the predictions above we are having a BOY! This has to be accurate right?? You are probably wondering what we are REALLY having… well we still don’t know, got you 😜! You’ll have to check back and see!



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