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Joe and I recently went on a rare, but amazing vacation. In agriculture and raising kids that are in everything, it is very hard to fit in free time for us. It was a race to May 29th to say the least. We had to brand, haul cattle out to pastures, fix fence, sort breeding heifers, make it to all the kids track meets, award ceremonies, let us not forget graduation preparation and a flying trip to State Track (the day before we left). The morning of May 29th I arrived home at 12:30am slept for 2 hours and was back up and on the road by 3am to make our 6 am flight. We did it, we were in the air and headed to Madeira Beach Florida. After 2 layovers in Denver and Ft. Lauderdale we arrived in Tampa, with a quick ride to our amazing host and hostesses house for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Our time in Florida was amazing, fun, and blessed with amazing friends and family. However, it really made me step back and think about all the roller coasters the last year had thrown at us and how we were able to get through them and make it to this moment. As my title reads God first, because he is the one that has given me the strength, health, and wisdom to forge ahead each day no matter what we face. Looking over the beautiful sunset on the Gulf, was also a reminder of the beauty God puts before us, if we only take the time to look.

The next part in my title is Family. For me family is everything, but to witness my kids helping and working along side Joe and I, so we could get our work done before we left on vacation was priceless. They had so many activities, and tests to study for, but they took the time to help us too. I watched my kids go through an unusual year of unknowns. School started, would we stay open, sports were a game-by-game decision of having another team to play or maybe a scrimmage with your own team. Our youngest being bounced from this activity or staying with a friend so he could make a game or practice. Our extended family of brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles, with poured out support of watching games online, trying to make games with limited attendance, celebrating a mile marker Birthday, helping whenever needed, traveling to make graduation, or just coming to enjoy each other’s company. I am so blessed to be able to have 2 nieces that made the time in their busy lives to stay with the kids while we were gone, just so Joe and I would not worry as much. I got to also spend my vacation with my family and share so many great memories with them.

The next part of my title is Friends. The word friends means so many different things to different people. A person has many friends in their lives, some stay for a short while, but some last a lifetime. The friends that went though the same roller coaster ride with school and sports this year are very special to me, because we made every event, like it would be the last. I had the greatest group of Moms to go through Volleyball, Basketball, and Track with and we had so much fun. The friends that open their homes to my kids, is such a blessing. Some of these friends I may only do a few things with, but you are all God Blessing to me and the memories you give me. The community of Faulkton really does open their doors to treat you like family, and they are always willing to help and work together.

I am so thankful for my vacation and the chance to slow down, so I could remember the important things in life. The beauty and blessings are all around us as I was reminded with a beautiful sunset right here at home. We get so busy planning, scheduling, running here and there, and working, I know for me anyway, I forget to enjoy the moment.


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