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Growing Pains, and Gains

Planting season is here and we are ready to get our crops in the ground. We will be planting corn and beans. We hope to have both in the ground by the end of May if all goes well. With a new season, new challenges and opportunities come with. In fact, on our first day of planting I had to run to town with the girls to get a part for the planter. I enjoy doing these little things as they make us feel like we are helping out even though we may not be able to help much outside that day. Not only do we have growing crops on the horizon, we are growing a baby who is due in just a few short months! It feels like our to-do list is forever long in all categories, and I am sure you all can relate.

It has been so refreshing to have sunshine and warmth these days. I even planted some flowers the other day. To which, if you know me at all, I am not a gardener. One day I would like to spend more time at it, but it hasn’t been in my heart until now to have a desire to even begin! I am definitely a rookie and have no idea what I am doing, but I am excited to see what happens. The girls and I have enjoyed spending time outside. It has been nice here with not as much wind for once, and we are soaking up our days without swarms of bugs as we know they won’t be here for long.

You may have seen us post about it, but my husband and I are excited to be Crop Watchers for the Tri-State Neighbor out of Sioux Falls. We will be reporting every two weeks on what we are up to and how the farming/ranching conditions are looking near our area. It has been fun so far and we are eager for what is to come. You can check out our most recent submission here. If you are interested in following along, all further submissions will be shared in the Tri-State Neighbor physical newspaper, on their website, on our theRanches'Wives page and my personal social pages.


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