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Impromptu Party for You

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Taking time is always something that is so hard for me, I always feel like I need a few more hours in every day to get everything accomplished. Most days I feel like I add 5 things to my list and only cross off 3... My 6 year olds seriously have the biggest hearts, they’d been planning a “birthday party” for mommy for a while. They had all the tables set up, party lights up, they just needed a few more supplies and the guest of honor. I had to take the trip to town for eye appointments and I would be a complete liar to say I wasn't excited to take them shopping lol.  

I tend to like control so I let them go in Target, the dollar store and the grocery store buying everything they wanted and needed for their party. This included party hats, noise makers, balloons (so many balloons!) cupcakes and cake, pop, glow sticks, etc... as hard as it was for me to let them have at it (during a global pandemic!) it was so fun to watch the excitement in their eyes.  

I wasn’t allowed in the garage when we got home so they could finish getting their party ready. It turned into a fun mom/sons party since the girl’s all thought they were too busy. It was the best party anyone has ever had for me! They even got me presents and lit candles and sang to me. When I take the time to see what’s around me and what I’ve been blessed with, in October when I truly turn 40, I think I’ll remember my blessings and not dwell on the number!


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