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It's Been a While...

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

How is it already the end of February 2022?! We have all been extremely busy and I will be honest this blog has been on the back of my mind. I felt other areas of my life needed me this last year. In addition, I feel bad hounding the other ranch wives for blog posts during these past couple of crazy years! I sincerely hope all is well with everyone and hope you and your families have been able to return to some sort of normalcy. We are good here in South Dakota. We have a new baby on the way and will be welcoming him or her in August of this year!

We are gearing up for calving as we begin at the end of March this year. Hoping we will be blessed with some warmer temperatures for everyone’s safety and sanity. Our winter for the most part has been pretty mild so far, just cold. Over the past several days, we got some snow fall and blizzard like weather but it didn’t last long. My oldest daughter is dying to build a snowman and we barely have enough snow to get that done. Some might say that’s a good thing ;). The girls and I haven’t had much involvement outside lately, but as the temperatures warm up and my littlest gets older, I am hoping we can change that! I did get the opportunity a few days ago to work some of my grandfather’s heifers with him, my great uncle and my husband. All thanks to my mom who was able to watch the little girls. It was super windy and pretty chilly, but we had a successful afternoon.

Thank you all for still being here!


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