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It's the start of something new!

Mandy Hale said, “Change can be scary, but you know what’s scarier? Allowing fear to stop you from growing, evolving, and progressing.”

These last few months have been a wild ride. Decisions were made, changes happened, and a new start was made for my little family and I.

Back in January, my husband Jesse and I, along with his parents, decide to list our “grazing property” in Idaho for sale. We were ready for a change and ready to find something new to better our operation. In just a short time, we were under contract to sale and the hunt was on to find a new ranch. Making this decision was hard. It was emotionally draining for Jesse and I. There were many times we questioned if making this change was the right thing to do. Once our property was under contract for a few weeks, we knew it was time to figure out where our next property would be. We looked EVERYWHERE for a new property and as everyone knows, the housing market is crazy so that made it difficult. We would find a property we liked and then it would be sold or under contract to sell and it was frustrating. After a few weeks of looking and praying, we had narrowed it down between two properties we fell in love with. Now the BIG decision time had come. What were the pros and cons of each property? Which one was going to be a more sustainable property? Where would we be most happy? All these questions and many more went through our mind, but when it came down to it, we knew which one was the best for our family and what we needed. I’m happy to announce, that we have relocated our ranch to the northern Wyoming area. The ranch we choose has just under 1,000 acres of ground that is very diverse. We have great acreage to graze our cows, put up all the hay we need to feed for the 45-60 days in the winter, and have the ranch be 100% self sustainable which is an amazing feeling. The way the property is designed makes it so the house/barnyard area is right in the middle of the property and it’s very refreshing to wake up each morning and be completely surrounded by everything we own. Just like Mandy Hale said, change IS scary. Making this move and relocating our whole ranch was one of the most terrifying things I have ever done. Selling our property and saying goodbye to all our friends and family in Idaho was heartbreaking, but taking this leap of faith was exactly what we needed to do. We have only been here on our new place for about a month and we are busy doing all sorts of things. Some days we are fixing fence and figuring out our different pastures we have here. Others days, we are dealing with water and finding ways to make the best use of it while we have it. We have been blessed with so many new opportunities here in WY and I am excited to see where they take us.


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