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We have been busy over here in the Schultz household. We are finally home for a couple months after many travels (at least for us girls). I thought it would be fun to share a small part of what's going on lately (in pictures). I feel like the only time we get to sit is at night and when we do, we don't last long!

We are in the middle of getting our basement finished. My dad has been here several weekends doing framing and electrical, with the help of Garrett. Currently, Garrett is in the middle of putting our insulation up and the drywall should be going up within the next couple of weeks sometime. Moving along!

Lena is keeping me on my toes moving and getting into everything. She puts absolutely everything in her mouth, which has challenged me to keep my floors even more cleaned up haha! She will be turning 11 months on June 18th. I cannot believe she is almost one!

Mila has been really into princess dresses or dresses of any sort lately. She also thinks it's necessary to pick out her own outfit right away when she wakes up. She is full of sass and spunk, all while having the sweetest heart. She is learning and growing so fast in front of our eyes!

Rudolf, our farm/want to be house dog. We initially got him to be a house dog, but he gets especially messy outside in the cow lots, etc. The rain/mud mixture when it's wet in front of our house doesn't help either. I will be glad to get some grass growing! We had a scare a couple weeks ago and thought he ran away. Thankfully Garrett and his buddy accidentally locked him in the hunting lodge. We searched for him for about 45 minutes until G and his buddy realized that he was just sitting in there! Woof!

I got a wild hair and decided to check something off my bucket list this year and signed up for a full marathon. I enlisted several people in my family to do it with me. I am in week 2 of training, the race is in September. I did a half marathon several years ago and have been wanting to get back into running after I had the two kiddos. Rudy has been my sidekick for every run, mostly hunting the ditches and kicking mud up on me. But he definitely inspires me to keep going, because he never stops. The endurance of dogs is truly impressive.

My Grandpa and Garrett are always busy with some project as well as the every day chores. We have a lot going on around the farm as my grandparents are busy getting ready for a shop party, amongst many other things. The list keeps growing and never ends!


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