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One Year Down!

Can you guys believe it?!? We have lived in Wyoming one whole year! This last year has been full of adventure, stress, fear, excitement, and so much more! BUT too be honest, the last year has flown by so fast!

There has been so much change and honestly, I have struggled with it! I was so excited to be here for about the first 6 months, then the newness wore off and reality set in. Instead of finding new things and places on the ranch, we are now down to knowing our ranch like the back of our hand and it isn’t as much fun going to fix fence or move cows.

The stage we are in right now is project mode. Now that we have been here a year, we are starting to get the ball rolling on projects to improve our property! From new fences to irrigation, BIG things are happening and I’m excited to share more about that in the future with you all. We also just started a new business adventure so that’s keeping us busy as well!

I like being open and honest in my blog posts. For those of you who know me personally know I am a VERY outgoing people person so I have struggled not having that anymore. I honestly have been feeling really alone which is a new feeling for me. It was so exciting to move to a new community and meet so many amazing people, but the area we moved to is pretty small and it’s been hard for us to find our place. Everyone that lives here has been around for many generations and it’s hard not to get stuck in that mindset of being the “new family” and thinking no one wants us here. Slowly but surely things are starting to feel better so I’m excited to see what this next year holds for us getting involved with our community.

Though it’s been a struggle at times, I am so thankful to be where we are at now!

I have been sharing A LOT more on my Instagram stories about our life so please follow along @amberlynndewey to stay up to date!


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