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Play. Slay. Pray.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

The other day as I was out with my husband fixing fence in tall weeds, bugs biting and near water (which I despise!) I started thinking why we have such a great marriage and this is what I came up with. 

Play. We enjoy being together, like really enjoy spending time together, we workout together every day, we make time for date nights, we do things as a family and as a couple. It doesn’t matter what we do we genuinely love to do it together. We do things the other one loves just because it makes them happy. I ride with to check cattle and fields and he binge watches Beverly Hills 90210 and runs 10 miles just to please me!

Slay. We work together A LOT... whether it’s farming, ranching or household projects we have learned we make a great team and can conquer almost any project if we work together. He never yells or gets frustrated with me, I’ve learned so much from this man. He taught me to hunt, to drive a tractor, to vaccinate cattle, to build a retaining wall, it doesn’t matter what crazy idea I have in my head he is always on board. One time my own dad called my husband and asked if him if he knew I was using a saw. My husband laughed and said, “no, what’s she making?” My dad wasn’t one to work on projects together so he was shocked that my husband would allow me to use a saw {insert eye roll}. My husband has a ton of faith in me and obviously patience because I’m kind of a slow learner sometimes lol.

Pray. We pray together every. single. day... My biggest challenge in life and my life’s goal is getting him and I to Heaven. Even before we had kids we prayed together, now it’s one of my favorite parts of the day, family prayers. Each night we sit together and say five prayers together we go through the same ritual every night and every night the kids all have their own turn to pray for things. My heart swells with love and pride every night when I hear their sweet voices praying for our loved ones. I pray for Micah, Emma and Anna to be good little girls (they aren’t so little anymore but I can’t stop saying it!) and Max, Joe, Will, Rob and Lee to be good little boys and mom and dad to be a good husband and wife and a good mom and dad, but mostly I give praise and thanksgiving for all the wonderful gifts HE has given me that I totally don’t deserve!  

God Bless


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