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Spring is in the Air!

Everyone has a favorite season that is no surprise. I enjoy a little piece of every season, but Spring is by far my favorite season. I love all the possibilities of warmer weather, fresh green grass, buds sprouting on the trees, flowers peeking through the warm earth, the sound of the birds singing in the air, new life coming into the world, and longer daylight hours. I enjoy driving out every morning to see if we have any new babies. For us calving starts around the first of April, but we may have a few come early. I always get just a little excited to see those first baby calves born. The best part is that the kids are always anxiously awaiting those new babies too. To see the excitement when one of their cow calves, really makes the long days and hard work seem to disappear. We are blessed to have all the kids eager to help and fill in wherever we may need them.

The weather changes in the Spring so many times. This year we have had such a extreme variation, one never really knows how to dress. We bundle up in the morning with the brisk air greeting us and by afternoon we have been down to short sleeves. The Meadow Lark never seems to be phased by whatever weather Mother Nature has in store for us, they are always there in the pasture to greet me. The geese and ducks flock to a nearby slough and they arrive by the thousands. When the geese arrive there is no mistake, the honking of thousands of geese is quite loud, but no comparison to when that many are spoked and take flight.

Spring days give you so many different wonderful smells like the smell of warm soil, or green grass being broken as you drive over it, or the hopeful smell of rain in the air. Trees are budding, with evergreen trees giving that pine smell of with the powerful suns heat. Flowers are blooming waiting to give off that sweet aroma. I know some may think the smell of cow manure would never smell good, but that smell really gives you a sense of home on the farm. For me Spring is like a new beginning, with all new life, be it animals, or plants. Spring brings the possibilities of a new year and a hopeful bountiful harvest.


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