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The importance of filling my own cup.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

It's been a tough morning at the Martinmaas house, so I put on my running clothes, put on some 90's Christian music and just started running, there is nothing more calming or peaceful than a long, uninterrupted run on rolling hills of gravel with my trusty dog at my side. I have no clue where I am going or how far I will run, but I know what needs to be done. I needed to clear my heart of all my frustrations and my lack of patience. I started out listening to "Love Song for a Savior," by Jars of Clay:

In open fields of wild flowers

She breathes the air and flies away

She thanks her Jesus for the daisies

And the roses in no simple language

Someday she’ll understand

The meaning of it all…

He’s more than the laughter or the stars in the heaven

As close as a heartbeat or a song on her lips

Someday she’ll trust Him and learn how to see Him

Someday He’ll call her and she will come running

She’ll fall in His arms the tears will down

And she’ll pray…

And pray is what I did, I prayed for God to open my heart, my eyes and my mind. I asked Him not to take away this crazy and trying time in our lives, but to help me better understand the meaning of it all and what He is calling me to do during this time. I realized that I was pouring so much into everyone else to get everything accomplished that I was forgetting to take care of one important person, and I realized that person was a loved child, this person was me and I was His child and He loves me so much he wanted me to see the importance of filling my own cup. I spent too many years always putting myself on the back burner, taking care of my children, my spouse, my friendships, that I never realized how little I did to give myself the love and attention I needed.

If you only take one thing from this, please hear me loud and clear. You need to put yourself first occasionally. Whether its getting in a run or a workout, reading a devotional or book, getting your hair or nails done, getting a massage, or grabbing a Starbucks and leisurely strolling the aisles of Target {okay so these may be my favorite self-care practices LOL} but seriously I will hire a babysitter, I will tell my husband I’m taking care of me and just go. We have all learned that I am a better wife and mom when I put myself first occasionally.

Whether you feel you are too busy, can’t afford it, or just feel guilty, put all those feelings aside and do something for yourself at least once a month. Trust me. You, your husband, and your kids will all appreciate the new, happier version of you!


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