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The Joys of Harvest

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Fall is creeping up on us, knocking on the door. I enjoy the spring season the most of all. The anticipation of new life appearing all around us. The birth of brand-new calves is like Christmas morning, never sure of what surprise will await you. Planting crops in the hope of a bountiful harvest, both in the field and in my garden.

As fall approaches it brings its own excitement and the busy season truly begins. From harvesting, hauling hay, weaning calves, canning, and preparing to send the kids back to school. We cannot forget the running to football and volleyball begins. There is just so much excitement going on this time of the year.

This year for harvest was wheat and corn. We harvested our wheat in early August this year, but the excitement of silaging corn has yet to come. The garden has been producing less than average all summer, we will not be breaking any great records with it this year. We were able to put up spaghetti sauce, salsa, tomatoes, tomato juice, and green beans at the start of this canning season. Next, we will be harvesting and putting up potatoes and carrots. My kids are such great help when it comes to all the gardening and canning. It may not be their favorite thing to do but I know that they will look back and they will cherish the memories made with their siblings and myself. We are just now starting to haul some bales home along with weaning calves which will begin in late September early October. Fall brings a sense of accomplishment, to see the crops being harvested, calves growing, eating the produce from the garden, and sharing the accomplishments with our loved ones. I get a great sense of pride to look in our pantry at the end of canning season and seeing all the goodies that we will enjoy throughout the winter.

Now here I am typing this on the first day of school as I watch my kids leave on the bus. School starting brings yet another year of the kids working hard on academics and working alongside teammates in their fall sports which are football and volleyball. As the years go by faster one after another, I watch my kids grow and leave for the next step of their life.


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