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The Love of a Season

It has been quite awhile since I sat down at my computer to write a blog. I always struggle with what to write and what would people really want to read about. My life does not seem exciting or out of the ordinary, why would people want to read about it? I guess even if just one person reads my blog and enjoys it that is enough for me, so here it goes.

We made it to what I would consider the best part of the year, Spring. I always enjoy Spring because everything is fresh and new. Cows are calving, trees are budding, fresh grass is growing, crops are sprouting, the sweet song from a bird, and the warmth of the powerful spring sun. This winter was longer than ever. We started feeding calves in August, and May 31st still feeding a few, but the new hope of grass coming brings on new and exciting prospects for the summer.

This year calving season was unusually challenging with minimal days of snow, but so many days of wind and blowing dirt instead of snow. I felt so sorry for the baby calves trying to stand with yet than sure feet and the wind making it so difficult. We had our share of calves needing assistance standing for sure. We also had an unusual number of twins, which made our daughter so happy. She enjoys caring for the little calves that depend on her. When the days get long and hard, the excitement from our kids and eagerness to help really get us through the long hard days.

Branding and working cattle to get them to summer grass is no exception. The kids are always ready to help and get the job done. The cattle are sorted and ready for branding to send out to the pastures and the ones that stay home. We bring in a group to sort calves from cows. We work the cows and begin the branding of the calves. When we sort to haul out to pastures, we must pair up Mommas with their babies and load them to transport to pastures. Unloading the pairs is our favorite part, seeing the cows grazing on fresh new green grass and calves finding a comfortable spot to lay down and rest near Mom.

Greatest season for me by far. It is so rewarding to send pairs to grass, but not as much as it is to share all of it with our kids. We could not do it without them.


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