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THE Sugar Cookie Recipe

Merry Christmas!

I really enjoy baking, fun fact about me that I don’t think I have shared here before. My goal when I started making sugar cookies with my kids was to find a recipe that was as close to the Lofthouse Sugar Cookies (that you buy at the store) as I could find. In 2013 I went on a mission to find just that. I researched a lot online, read reviews and narrowed it down to three recipes. We made all three and fell in love with this recipe. We have used it a ton in the last 7 years and I know it will be a tradition for my kiddos and I every year.

Here are a few flash backs of the kids and I making them. As well as the recipe and

link below. God Bless and Merry Christmas to you and yours!


You can find the recipe HERE.

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