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Toddlers. Am I right?

Resilience. What a powerful word. I was talking to one of my good friends a couple of weeks ago who has a 4 year old and a 3 month old. She mentioned that when she and her toddler were saying their daily affirmations about themselves in the mirror, her toddler added, “and resilient!”. For example, they were saying things like, “I am beautiful, I am brave, I am strong…” and that’s when she added, “and resilient!”. When my friend mentioned her toddler did this, I laughed and thought it was cute, but at the time didn’t think much more of it.

Reflecting back after the last two weeks where we traveled to Texas, up to Kansas, and back home to SoDak; that statement rings even louder and clearer. Toddlers truly are resilient. My goodness they are… When they want something, when they have something on their mind, that is all that they are focused on and woof! Usually it drives me crazy to the point of thinking whether I am cut out for parenting or not. But here lately, I have been trying to mirror and be more like my toddler. Yeah, maybe she doesn’t communicate her so called “resilience” the best, but the intention is there. I will strive to be more resilient moving forward. Not give up, not give in, sticking to my values, thoughts, emotions, decisions, etc.

They say toddlers are sponges and are learning so much during this phase of their life and trust me, we definitely see that as our toddler has cussed at us several times not knowing what the words meant, saying them because she heard them from an adult. BUT I think we, as adults, have even more to learn from them. They love hard, forgive and forget easily, and just enjoy the heck out of life, the activities, and days they are given! Cheers to surviving and thriving during the toddler years!


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