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"What was I thinking?"

After my 16 mile run last Saturday, this phrase has been running through my mind in numerous different ways. The self-doubt is creeping in. I recognize it, acknowledge it, and own it.

“What was I thinking putting this extra stress on my husband, kids, and family?”

Training for a marathon takes a LOT of time. I am so extremely grateful, and thankful, for my husband, kids, and Grandparents for supporting me in this goal. I thank them so much for cheering me on and encouraging me through this journey, in addition to watching our girls while I go sweat ;). It has been incredibly rewarding and amazing for my mental health.

“What was I thinking when I thought I could do this like the millions, and more, of people who do these yearly?”

I have realized two things: not just anyone can run a marathon AND many people CAN run a marathon. I am extremely impressed by those of you who have, or who are currently training for a marathon. You should be applauded. The people in this world are truly incredible. There are such strong and determined individuals that surround us. Why don’t we support each other more in everything we do?? Running is so mental. If you train correctly, your body will get stronger and can handle all the miles you are putting on it. But the mind…. I thought I was pretty tough, but I have been challenged greatly.

“What was I thinking when I thought I could train for a marathon by myself, without a running partner, in the middle of the country?”

Well in my defense, I did have a running partner, but she traded me for someone new…. Thanks Darci! LOL only kidding! My cousin and fellow ranch wife, Darci, is training for the same marathon and has enlisted her husband to run it with her. So awesome! What a duo. But seriously, training by myself has been no joke. I can handle the short runs, those I can do. The long runs though… woof. I have recently told Darci and Bill that I might be joining them for the remainder of the long runs before the race. Regardless, no point in quitting now!


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