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Where Are You Spring?

I think we can all agree that we are READY for spring time and warmer weather. One of my favorite quotes is by Richelle E. Goodrich and it says, “The first real day of spring is like the first time a boy holds your hand. A flood of skin-tingling warmth consumes you, and everything shines with a fresh, colorful glow, making you forget that anything as cold and harsh as winter ever existed.” Isn’t that so true?

Here in Idaho, at least where I am at, it is still very much winter. Over the last week, we have had some sort of snow storm every day and we easily have over 2 feet of snow in most places here on the ranch. With all that snow, we won’t be seeing “spring” until at least May which makes me really sad.

I am a mom, wife, friend, business owner and more, but I am also a human being and winter is a rough time of year for me. Like so many others, I struggle with depression and anxiety. The long winter months are a challenge for me because we are spending less time outside doing the things we love on the ranch and more time inside because it is literally freezing outside. The good thing is, I have found ways to help ease the “winter blues”.

  1. If it’s sunny, GET OUTSIDE! Just 30 minutes of sunshine brightens my mood so much.

  2. Find a project or hobby that brings you joy!

  3. Spend time with your family. Play games, bake treats, go on adventures, do anything TOGETHER.

  4. Most importantly, find time for yourself. Take a bath, go for a walk, watch your favorite movie or take a quick drive to get your favorite drink. I know it’s hard especially if your a mom or work full time, but finding time for yourself is so important. What I like to do is either wake up an hour earlier so I have some time to myself before my kids wake up OR take some time for myself at night after everyone is in bed.

I have realized that time really does go by so fast. Sometimes I feel like I should still be a 19 year old with a baby, but I’m not. I blinked and now I’m 25 with four kids that depend on me and I need to be the best version of myself for them. I’m looking forward to spring time this year because to me it’s a symbol of rebirth, a chance to start fresh. I hope that you are able to have that first time feeling of a boy holding your hand this spring and take some time to enjoy life.


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