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Work through the seasons...

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As most know, we can’t always predict with farming and ranching. Thanks to Mother Nature, these tasks are always fluid. We never know how long the current pattern will last, and must take each day as they are to accomplish the most we can. If everything ran smoothly (it seems to never LOL) and we had it our way, this is what a typical year may look like for us here in Zell…

[Shoutout to my husband, Garrett, for helping me fill in some blanks for this post. I know a lot that goes on around here, but definitely not ALL!]

Fall (September - November)

  • Precondition calves

  • Move cattle from summer grass to fall cover crop grazing

  • Wean calves

  • Preg-check cows

  • Harvest

  • Stack moving (hauling hay)

  • Hunting season: Our family owns and operates RZ Pheasant Hunting Lodge. We have been in business since 2003. Pheasant hunting season for the lodge begins opening weekend, which is the 3rd weekend in October and usually runs through the end of November/beginning of December.

Winter (December - March)

  • Feed cows

  • Background calves

  • Calving

  • Budget forecast and financial planning

  • Push snow

  • Equipment maintenance

Spring/Summer (April - August)

  • Continue calving

  • Process cattle

  • Plant crops

  • Move cows to grass

  • Check cows

  • Swathing, raking, baling, and stacking hay

  • Lot clean up

  • Fence checking

  • Construction on new pens, fence building, barns, etc.

What is your favorite season? Even though the winter is a somewhat difficult time for many reasons, I really enjoy seeing the little calves be born! To me, each season has its pluses and minuses. Each year has brought something different, and each year I find something new to either appreciate or strongly dislike ;).


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